Mar 1, 2010

Snow and "Immovable Yuck"

I got up this morning and went about my usual morning routine. As I let the dog out, though, and looked at all the snow that is still sitting on the ground outside, something occurred to me...

Snow, like rain, has cleansing properties, yes. Yet, unlike rain, snow just sits there for long periods of time. At least, such is the case here. Where rain will flow into the gutters, taking all the psychic yuck with it, snow will just sit there with it. Depending on the temperature, it will continue to sit there, almost frozen in time.

Oh, for certain, it lies in contact with the earth, probably transmutting the psychic yuck, but it is, likely, a slow process. And, it will also slowly melt and drain away. That, too, is a rather slow process given the temps that we've had. I did, however, see a bit of grass the other day, which was a good thing. Still, it seems as though the yuck just sits there and becomes, as hubby called it, immovable yuck.

Honestly? I'm ready for it to melt off... Replace it with new snow, if need be, but let the current bit of yuck move on.


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