Mar 5, 2010

Stuff and Nonsense

And you know that I love you
Here and now not forever
I can give you the present
I don't know about the future
That's all stuff and nonsense

~Belinda Carlisle, Stuff and Nonsense

I don't know what made me think of that song this morning.  Maybe because I know that this update is going to be a mishmash of stuff this morning.

I'm excited!  In my search to find things to keep me occupied, I came across a workshop that I'm REALLY looking forward to participating in.  It's called "Oh the Stories You'll Tell".   I read the description, and I knew that I just had to participate.  Then, after registering, I've begun to converse with Natasha via email, and... I can't tell you how much more excited I've become.  Her energy... I can feel it through her words.  Now, that shouldn't come as any surprise, really, given the fact that I'm an empath, but... Wow!  Her energy is infectious!  I can tell that she loves what she does.  We're starting on the 10th, and I can't wait!

Again, in my search to find things to occupy my time, I'm in the process of registering for school.  Yes, I'm going back.  This time, I'm going to work toward my Associate's in Psychology through Ashworth College, and the Army is going to pay for it!  Whoo hoo!  I'm really excited about this... Currently, though, we're waiting for the program, through which I'm going to get the funding, needs to replenish it's flow of funds.  The Military Liaison said that it should only be a few weeks.  That was about a week or so ago?  So... *crosses fingers*  Hopefully, something will come about with that soon.

Another bit I wanted to share...

I came across a great article last night from the Tenth Amendment Center.   What Happened to the Land of the Free?  I found it to be really informational in showing what has occurred within our government since its inception.  Little by little, over the years, we have lost many of our freedoms.  All that is left of the once unique dream  that belonged to the Founders of our nation and upon which it was first founded are the vestiges of memory.  Much like a wonderful dream that one awakes from in the morning, as the day progresses it fades from memory, almost as if it was never dreamt at all.

And as hubby prepares for work, it is time for me to get on with my day. Have a great one, everyone!


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