Mar 3, 2010

Reality Goes Where Our Focus Is

In truth, my mind has been swirling with all manner of thoughts as of late. All of which, I'd like to write about, and as I go to write one, another occurs to me.

The past few days, I've been really rather caught up in doing research for a book that I'm planning on writing. Those who know me are probably sitting back thinking, "another one?". Yes, another one... This one, though, I'm really quite excited about.

In the past, I've started stories of fantasy or science fiction, ones that require me to create an entirely new and different world. It's the "holes" in my built up world that cause me to lose momentum, I think. This one, however, is historically based. World War II era. Indeed, I'm having to do quite a bit of research as a result, but at least I'm not having to create everything from scratch, and I'm learning a great deal as a result.

The story, while it does have a romantic aspect to it, the romance is not the entire focus, which brings me to the thought that this entry was intended for this entry.


There are those, who will turn their noses up at the notion, and in the past, I have allowed the views of others to prevent me from writing what inspires me. I like writing about love. After all, in my opinion? While there is plenty of it in the world, if we simply look for it, it is not often enough where focus is directed. Rather, focus tends to be placed on the horrors and atrocities of our world, and for those that are not aware of it, the area that one's focus is placed, brings more of the same...

So, while romance may seem cliche or nothing more than the ramblings of one whose depth is limited to that of a puddle formed during an early spring rain... It is my belief that were we - as a people - to focus more on the love that is present in our lives, rather than the hate, the world might, indeed, be a better place in which to live.


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