Mar 8, 2010

The Joys of Synchronicity

One thing that I've learned to recognize synchronicity when it occurs.  Another thing I've realized is that synchronicity occurs for many varying reasons.  Often, for me, at least, it occurs for the purpose of relaying a message.  This evening, I've had just such a moment.

It started that I was drawn to reading the blog of a dear friend.  One which I haven't, admittedly, read for some time.  The link that she posted to Facebook, however, was enough to grab my attention.  Transition Times.
Many of us take to writing or reading poetry when nothing else will suffice.  Regular prose somehow doesn’t do it when we’re in a new place, or exploring a different place calling for some other kind of expression.  Perhaps we have the words but want a new rhythm or a new pattern.
 It wasn't even that, really, that grabbed me.  Perhaps I just felt as though I needed to read it?  I'm not certain really, but found that I could really relate to what she was speaking about throughout her sharing/offering.   And I realized as a result, I'm blocking myself.  I don't venture along new avenues of writing/creativity out of fear.  "What if it isn't any good?"  "What if others don't like it?"  What I need to realize is that I don't create for others.  I create for me; because it is a strong, sometimes overpowering, innate need to do so.  I create for me and no one else.  Yet, it still was not even this realization that marked itself as "synchronicity".  No, this came moments later...

As I continued to peruse the blog, I came across another pertinent entry Ten Ways to Get Yourself Out of the Way.  Here it was!  I plain terms.  I'm in my way in so many more ways than one.  Not only where my creativity is concerned, but where my very way of being as well.  I'm getting in my own way. I'm allowing my mind to create many images.  In other words, my imagination is creating all manner of scenarios to keep me frozen with fear, and here... my dear friend has mapped out wonderful ways with which I can by-pass them, and it's all been accomplished through the wonderful means of synchronicity!!


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