Mar 31, 2010

Pins Dropping

So, things have been rather quiet around this space as of late, but it has not been, by any definition of the word, quiet around HERE lately.

Dh has deployed. I'm finally feeling better, even though I'm feeling a little run down this morning, and I've been REALLY busy being creative in the workshop I mentioned earlier in the month.  I canNOT say enough good things about it or its facilitator, Natasha of Thursday Sweet Treat!

I have become so inspired and gained so much confidence in my muses that I can't seemingly keep up with all of the inspiration that they're pouring into me.

Through the work that I've been doing, as well as conversations with Natasha, I was inspired to start a new blog.  Yes, I can hear a couple of groans there in the audience.  "Another blog????"  I know.  I know.  But, this one is different.  This one actually has a definitive purpose in my mind, and I'm working really pretty hard toward that end.

Hiccups In Time is my new blog.  It is currently a Military Spouse/Mommy blog, but, as I realized yesterday, it won't always be.

Our lives are comprised of hiccups in time.  Some more long lasting than others.

Today, I'm a military spouse and a mother.  I wasn't always those things, though, and while I'll be a mother ever more, I won't always be a military spouse, given that hubby only has three more years to go until retirement.  So, my life will change.  I'll go onto another "hiccup".

So, I would like to invite those who happen to read this blog to view and read Hiccups In Time, as well. It may be a fairly new space, but one with GREAT potential and aspirations.

Mar 22, 2010

The Cockles of My Heart and Pressure of My Blood

I have been reminded that I am not what one would consider to be a "good" patient. I do not like going to the doctor and often will avoid it until I absolutely have to go. Once I do, it does not take long before I begin to lose my patience with resting. It is a fact that is met with much irony.

When healthy and faced with the day-in-day-out activity that denotes business as usual in our household, I dream of lying in bed all day with periods alternating between sleep and reading. However, when those periods do on occasion arrive, the first thing that I want to do is get up out of bed and DO something.

After a great and busy day on Tuesday, I was laid flat Wednesday. Extremely lethargic, occasional vomiting... It was not how I had wanted to spend my day. Especially given that my eldest daughter's chorus recital was scheduled for that night. Something, which I'm sad to say that I ended up having to miss due to illness.

Thursday, I did start feeling better, but haven't quite felt 100% as of yet, and in addition to all of this, I have experienced occasional heart flutters.

While I was at Wal-Mart yesterday, I decided to give my blood pressure a check, only to discover that it was up quite a bit. Now, even as stubborn as I can be, I know that's nothing to mess around with, especially given that there is a history of stroke and heart attack in the maternal line of my family. So, I gave in an asked hubby to take me to Urgent Care yesterday...

Long story short... I was put on blood pressure meds and have made a follow up appointment with my PCM this week.

I suppose, though, there was a part of me that thought once I took my meds I would miraculously feel better. Needless to say, that little part has been sorely disappointed. I'm still feeling run down and lightheaded, and I'm quickly losing patience with it. I had so much planned for this weekend that I've just not been able to do!

This is a wake up call, though, and only proves that the plan I'm going to put into action within the next week or so is a sound one. I was already planning to start taking this weight off... Just didn't know it was going to be as imperative as it seemingly is now.

Mar 11, 2010

Oh the Stories You'll Tell - Daily Prompt #2

Today's prompt was based on beauty, and my response resulted in Beauty to Me.

"There is much beauty in this world. One only needs to slow down long enough from our harried and restless lives in order to see it.
Admittedly, I first thought this would be a difficult assignment for me today, as I’ve been under the weather and thought that I had not gazed at too terribly much more than the backs of my eyelids today. But, truly, it goes back to the old saying that “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” and this does not even begin to touch on the fact that beauty is not always in the appearance of some thing. Rather, beauty can be experienced by every one of our senses, in addition to sight.
Music is beauty in its aural form. " 

Mar 10, 2010

Oh the Stories You'll Tell - Today's Daily Prompt

In response to today's prompt for Oh the Stories You'll Tell, I offer:

Spring Comes to the Queendom  (In its, as yet, raw form)

Oh the Stories You'll Tell

Several entries ago, I know that I mentioned that I was planning to participate in a month long workshop.  At the time, I was very excited.  In truth, I didn't think I could become anymore excited.  That was until we started today!

Now, I must admit that my inner critic started to rear its ugly head last night as I began reading through the wonderful introductions made by the other participants.  Wow!  Words are simply inadequate (at this point, at least lol) to express what a wonderful group of women - artists - that I have the honor of playing with in this creative sandbox of sorts this month.  I was floored, to be honest, and just a little intimidated.

All the while, in the background of my mind, the IC was whispering to me, "what have you gotten yourself into?  These women are artists.  REAL artists.  Most of them do it for a living.  You're just playing at creativity.  What do you hope to offer?"  Yes, like most, my IC can be quite scathing in its comments.  This afternoon, however...  Once I finally had some time to really sit down and begin reading the offerings coming from the rest of the participants.  I realize that many of us are in the same boat.  Even the most creative of beings have moments when they, too, question their talents.

As I said, though, I was really quite excited going into this workshop.  When I thought I couldn't become more excited, I was surprised to find that I could!  I am filled to the brim with joy.  So much so that it has, indeed, brought tears to my eyes.  This, I am realizing, is something so much more than I first imagined it would be.  It is not only an exercise in getting in touch with my creative side, but in getting in touch with me, my inner artist/child.  After all, our inner child is our inner/innate fountain of inspiration and how quickly we tend to discount her/him.

More to come as this beautifully vivid experience unfolds...

Mar 9, 2010

Keep Moving Forward

This morning, I was conversing with a dear friend of mine and a notion was brought about that really gave me cause to stop and think.

Who is it that we’re trying to impress?  Who is it that we give such power over us that our desire to please and impress him/her overrides all that we may choose to do?  And really?  It goes right along with the theme of my previous entry.  It is, after all, fear that we will step out of the realms of “normal” or “acceptable” that often prevents us from venturing into new areas.  With this said, something else occurs to me...

Where is it said that each of us must be an expert in some manner of “talent” prior to making it public?  Where does it say that we are not “allowed” to learn through our errors?  Through what may be considered by some as our failures?

Recently, my kids (including my teenager) became fans of the movie Meet the Robinsons.  The message of the movie is “Keep Moving Forward”.  It was the motto of Cornelius Robinson -the individual that the main character, Lewis, ends up becoming in the future.  As an inventor, he realized that every “failure” he had, he was given an opportunity to improve.

In one scene, Lewis attempts to fix an invention for the Robinson family.  When it goes awry, like many of his other experiences in the movie, he's surprised by the reaction he gains from the family.

"You failed!"

"And it was awesome!"



It is then explained to him, "from failing, you learn.  From success, not so much."  And you know?  As I think about it, that's the way that it should be!  After all, one who is in their right mind does not yell at a child who is just learning to walk simply because he/she takes a tumble, right?  Yet, in many other instances, we do.

Disapproving glances or words simply because while one takes her/his first shaky steps in some new venture, he/she does not live up to the unreasonable expectations of another.  All too often, too, the voice that is loudest is the one we hear with our inner ears.  The gaze that is most stern or filled with condemnation is the one that we see staring back at us in the mirror.  Why?  Because we knew we could have "done better".

So, why, instead of using the situation as one from which we can grow, we use it to tear ourselves down just a little bit more?  After all, do we not have enough influences outside ourselves doing that?  Why do we feel the need to join in on the lynching mob?

In addition to this, is our way of being.  Often times, it seems as though we hide a part of ourselves away because there are those around us that may not "approve" or may not "like" us.   In doing so, we are not being true to ourselves.  And honestly? Why should it matter?  What is the purpose of it?  Generally speaking, humans tend to not like those things about others that are considered "different".  So, with that in mind, what is to become of us?  Do we become carbon copies of one another simply so that another will approve?  Honestly, I do not think so.  After all, what a boring place this world would be, if it were bereft of variety?

I wish I could say that I am any different in this respect than anyone else.  Anyone who knows me or has read any of my past entries will know that I am not.  I am faced by my fears just like anyone else.  I would not, likely, be working on this entry, if such were not the case.  Much like Lewis in Meet the Robinsons, though, I'm becoming aware and beginning - hopefully - to learn from my "failures".

Mar 8, 2010

The Joys of Synchronicity

One thing that I've learned to recognize synchronicity when it occurs.  Another thing I've realized is that synchronicity occurs for many varying reasons.  Often, for me, at least, it occurs for the purpose of relaying a message.  This evening, I've had just such a moment.

It started that I was drawn to reading the blog of a dear friend.  One which I haven't, admittedly, read for some time.  The link that she posted to Facebook, however, was enough to grab my attention.  Transition Times.
Many of us take to writing or reading poetry when nothing else will suffice.  Regular prose somehow doesn’t do it when we’re in a new place, or exploring a different place calling for some other kind of expression.  Perhaps we have the words but want a new rhythm or a new pattern.
 It wasn't even that, really, that grabbed me.  Perhaps I just felt as though I needed to read it?  I'm not certain really, but found that I could really relate to what she was speaking about throughout her sharing/offering.   And I realized as a result, I'm blocking myself.  I don't venture along new avenues of writing/creativity out of fear.  "What if it isn't any good?"  "What if others don't like it?"  What I need to realize is that I don't create for others.  I create for me; because it is a strong, sometimes overpowering, innate need to do so.  I create for me and no one else.  Yet, it still was not even this realization that marked itself as "synchronicity".  No, this came moments later...

As I continued to peruse the blog, I came across another pertinent entry Ten Ways to Get Yourself Out of the Way.  Here it was!  I plain terms.  I'm in my way in so many more ways than one.  Not only where my creativity is concerned, but where my very way of being as well.  I'm getting in my own way. I'm allowing my mind to create many images.  In other words, my imagination is creating all manner of scenarios to keep me frozen with fear, and here... my dear friend has mapped out wonderful ways with which I can by-pass them, and it's all been accomplished through the wonderful means of synchronicity!!

Mar 7, 2010

Some Things Don't Ever Change...

A private post has been posted to The Private Side of Me - Some Things Don't Ever Change

Can't see it and can't understand why? The whys and what-fors can be found HERE.


I have been doing some research with regard to WWII as of late.  One work that I'm preparing for is to be based in that time period.  One of my main characters will be following the path that the 157th regiment of the 45th Infantry Division took from induction until the end of the war.

Through my research, I discovered that the 45th spent some time at Fort Drum.  As a result, I've had to do more research with regard to that post, only to discover that it had been a POW camp during the war.  During that time, there were 6 German and 2 Italian POWs that died.  As I understand it, all but one died of natural causes.  One of the Italian soldiers drowned in the pond on post.

Spurred by curiosity, I did some digging to discover that all of the soldiers, except one, who was shipped home, are buried locally.  With a little bit of digging, I found out exactly where and hubby and I drove there to pay our respects this morning.

As a military spouse, I can only imagine what the families of the soldiers must have experienced.  What would I have felt like, had my husband been taken as a POW, only to die on foreign soil?

Here are pictures I found of the grave sites, and the article where I found my best bits of information.

While we humans may divide ourselves from one another by states, regions, countries, etc, we are all the same.  We, quite often, go through the same experiences throughout our lifetimes.  So, when I see the ravages of past wars, my heart goes out to the soldiers and their families, no matter what nationality they may be.

Mar 5, 2010

Stuff and Nonsense

And you know that I love you
Here and now not forever
I can give you the present
I don't know about the future
That's all stuff and nonsense

~Belinda Carlisle, Stuff and Nonsense

I don't know what made me think of that song this morning.  Maybe because I know that this update is going to be a mishmash of stuff this morning.

I'm excited!  In my search to find things to keep me occupied, I came across a workshop that I'm REALLY looking forward to participating in.  It's called "Oh the Stories You'll Tell".   I read the description, and I knew that I just had to participate.  Then, after registering, I've begun to converse with Natasha via email, and... I can't tell you how much more excited I've become.  Her energy... I can feel it through her words.  Now, that shouldn't come as any surprise, really, given the fact that I'm an empath, but... Wow!  Her energy is infectious!  I can tell that she loves what she does.  We're starting on the 10th, and I can't wait!

Again, in my search to find things to occupy my time, I'm in the process of registering for school.  Yes, I'm going back.  This time, I'm going to work toward my Associate's in Psychology through Ashworth College, and the Army is going to pay for it!  Whoo hoo!  I'm really excited about this... Currently, though, we're waiting for the program, through which I'm going to get the funding, needs to replenish it's flow of funds.  The Military Liaison said that it should only be a few weeks.  That was about a week or so ago?  So... *crosses fingers*  Hopefully, something will come about with that soon.

Another bit I wanted to share...

I came across a great article last night from the Tenth Amendment Center.   What Happened to the Land of the Free?  I found it to be really informational in showing what has occurred within our government since its inception.  Little by little, over the years, we have lost many of our freedoms.  All that is left of the once unique dream  that belonged to the Founders of our nation and upon which it was first founded are the vestiges of memory.  Much like a wonderful dream that one awakes from in the morning, as the day progresses it fades from memory, almost as if it was never dreamt at all.

And as hubby prepares for work, it is time for me to get on with my day. Have a great one, everyone!

Quote of the Moment

This from the littlest one, who was eating yoghurt at the time.

"Mommy, maybe when I'm done getting yoghurt all over my shirt, you'll wash it?" 
A hilarious start to the morning... LOL

Mar 4, 2010


I posted some videos of the littlest within our clan in a protected post, which can be found HERE.

Can't see it and can't understand why? The whys and what-fors can be found HERE.

Mar 3, 2010

Reality Goes Where Our Focus Is

In truth, my mind has been swirling with all manner of thoughts as of late. All of which, I'd like to write about, and as I go to write one, another occurs to me.

The past few days, I've been really rather caught up in doing research for a book that I'm planning on writing. Those who know me are probably sitting back thinking, "another one?". Yes, another one... This one, though, I'm really quite excited about.

In the past, I've started stories of fantasy or science fiction, ones that require me to create an entirely new and different world. It's the "holes" in my built up world that cause me to lose momentum, I think. This one, however, is historically based. World War II era. Indeed, I'm having to do quite a bit of research as a result, but at least I'm not having to create everything from scratch, and I'm learning a great deal as a result.

The story, while it does have a romantic aspect to it, the romance is not the entire focus, which brings me to the thought that this entry was intended for this entry.


There are those, who will turn their noses up at the notion, and in the past, I have allowed the views of others to prevent me from writing what inspires me. I like writing about love. After all, in my opinion? While there is plenty of it in the world, if we simply look for it, it is not often enough where focus is directed. Rather, focus tends to be placed on the horrors and atrocities of our world, and for those that are not aware of it, the area that one's focus is placed, brings more of the same...

So, while romance may seem cliche or nothing more than the ramblings of one whose depth is limited to that of a puddle formed during an early spring rain... It is my belief that were we - as a people - to focus more on the love that is present in our lives, rather than the hate, the world might, indeed, be a better place in which to live.

Mar 1, 2010

The American Dream Has Changed

A dear friend of mine sent me a link to an article - 'Empathic Civilization': Is It Time To Replace The American Dream? by Jeremy Rifkin. In it he speaks of the 'American Dream', where it originated, as well as its need to change. And while, I agree that the American Dream has soured and that it is in need of change, I do not agree that bigger government is the way to go to accomplish it.

To my way of thinking, government has overstepped its bounds in oh-so-many ways over the centuries. It has entangled itself within our lives to the point where many are being suffocated by it. It is time that it stepped back.

"The more corrupt the state, the more laws" ~ Publius Cornelius Tacitus

"The more laws and order are made prominent, the more thieves and robbers there will be." ~ Lao Tsu

Indeed, I agree that the "American Dream" needs a facelift, but I also do not believe that the "American Dream" that we know today is the same "American Dream" that our ancestors knew; those forefathers that came to this country to find a better life. No, at some point, big business grabbed a hold of the American public and, after distorting the dream, force-fed us with their vision of it. It has become plastic, superficial.

The forefathers of our country came here in pursuit of a better life... When they didn't get it because of the continued entanglements and corruption of the Crown, they sought to break off from it. In the end, they founded a new country, holding "these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."

Nothing was said about the pursuit of putting one's self so far in debt that one can no longer feed one's own children. No, that is a carry over from the homeland. Big banks. Landlords. It's big business that we allow to tell us what we should want out of life. It is big business that we've allowed to guide us in building our personal facades, and all the while, in doing so, we line the pockets of big business. Making them richer while we go further in debt, in an attempt to be okay with ourselves.

The Founders did not want such a thing for We the People. Our ancestors didn't want such things for us. After all, that was what many of them came to America to get away from.

Take for instance, the Irish immigrants during the time of the Potato Famine. Indeed, there was a shortage of food because all many of them could afford to eat at the time was potatoes. Why? Because the landlords had jacked their rents up so high that they could not afford to eat much more than that. Again, why? They wanted them off the land! Land that had been rightfully theirs before the English came in...

This, I'm certain, was only one example of the time and was long after America had been established, I admit, but one of the best examples that I, myself, am familiar with.

Part of the dream was coming to America to be free of such things. But, where are we? The same position that many of our ancestors were when they came to this country. Only the facade is much different in appearance these days. Having been led to the distorted view of the dream, many of us are then swindled out of it, all by big business.

Indeed, the disparity between classes has grown immensely over the years, but BIGGER government is not going to solve it. Why? Because whether many of us want to see it or not, We the People are no longer in control of the government. It no longer answers to We the People. Rather, it answers only to Big Business. Bigger government means only more power for Big Business.

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." ~ Old Chinese Proverb

If we ask government for anything, it should NOT be a fish. Rather, we should ask them to teach us to fish for ourselves.

WriYe 2010

(Cross-posted from my writing journal)

For the past couple of years, I've had the good intentions of participating in and accomplishing my goals where WriYe (Writing Year) is concerned. This is the first year that it looks as if I'll actually accomplish my goal, though. I believe that I may have been really rather conservative when I set my goal.

This year, I have vowed to write 200k throughout the year. As we close out the second month of the year, I am sitting pretty at 51,543 words, and that is not even taking into consideration the words that I've already written today.

I did take part in the Keeping Warm in February challenge that was going on at WriYe 2010. I wrote a romantic short story with a couple of characters that I've RP'd (role played) in the past. In all actuality, I started two short stories, but only finished one. The one that's purpose was to simply amuse me. I think, once I've had a chance to flesh it out further and edit it, I'll post it here.

Snow and "Immovable Yuck"

I got up this morning and went about my usual morning routine. As I let the dog out, though, and looked at all the snow that is still sitting on the ground outside, something occurred to me...

Snow, like rain, has cleansing properties, yes. Yet, unlike rain, snow just sits there for long periods of time. At least, such is the case here. Where rain will flow into the gutters, taking all the psychic yuck with it, snow will just sit there with it. Depending on the temperature, it will continue to sit there, almost frozen in time.

Oh, for certain, it lies in contact with the earth, probably transmutting the psychic yuck, but it is, likely, a slow process. And, it will also slowly melt and drain away. That, too, is a rather slow process given the temps that we've had. I did, however, see a bit of grass the other day, which was a good thing. Still, it seems as though the yuck just sits there and becomes, as hubby called it, immovable yuck.

Honestly? I'm ready for it to melt off... Replace it with new snow, if need be, but let the current bit of yuck move on.
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