Mar 9, 2010

Keep Moving Forward

This morning, I was conversing with a dear friend of mine and a notion was brought about that really gave me cause to stop and think.

Who is it that we’re trying to impress?  Who is it that we give such power over us that our desire to please and impress him/her overrides all that we may choose to do?  And really?  It goes right along with the theme of my previous entry.  It is, after all, fear that we will step out of the realms of “normal” or “acceptable” that often prevents us from venturing into new areas.  With this said, something else occurs to me...

Where is it said that each of us must be an expert in some manner of “talent” prior to making it public?  Where does it say that we are not “allowed” to learn through our errors?  Through what may be considered by some as our failures?

Recently, my kids (including my teenager) became fans of the movie Meet the Robinsons.  The message of the movie is “Keep Moving Forward”.  It was the motto of Cornelius Robinson -the individual that the main character, Lewis, ends up becoming in the future.  As an inventor, he realized that every “failure” he had, he was given an opportunity to improve.

In one scene, Lewis attempts to fix an invention for the Robinson family.  When it goes awry, like many of his other experiences in the movie, he's surprised by the reaction he gains from the family.

"You failed!"

"And it was awesome!"



It is then explained to him, "from failing, you learn.  From success, not so much."  And you know?  As I think about it, that's the way that it should be!  After all, one who is in their right mind does not yell at a child who is just learning to walk simply because he/she takes a tumble, right?  Yet, in many other instances, we do.

Disapproving glances or words simply because while one takes her/his first shaky steps in some new venture, he/she does not live up to the unreasonable expectations of another.  All too often, too, the voice that is loudest is the one we hear with our inner ears.  The gaze that is most stern or filled with condemnation is the one that we see staring back at us in the mirror.  Why?  Because we knew we could have "done better".

So, why, instead of using the situation as one from which we can grow, we use it to tear ourselves down just a little bit more?  After all, do we not have enough influences outside ourselves doing that?  Why do we feel the need to join in on the lynching mob?

In addition to this, is our way of being.  Often times, it seems as though we hide a part of ourselves away because there are those around us that may not "approve" or may not "like" us.   In doing so, we are not being true to ourselves.  And honestly? Why should it matter?  What is the purpose of it?  Generally speaking, humans tend to not like those things about others that are considered "different".  So, with that in mind, what is to become of us?  Do we become carbon copies of one another simply so that another will approve?  Honestly, I do not think so.  After all, what a boring place this world would be, if it were bereft of variety?

I wish I could say that I am any different in this respect than anyone else.  Anyone who knows me or has read any of my past entries will know that I am not.  I am faced by my fears just like anyone else.  I would not, likely, be working on this entry, if such were not the case.  Much like Lewis in Meet the Robinsons, though, I'm becoming aware and beginning - hopefully - to learn from my "failures".


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