Mar 31, 2010

Pins Dropping

So, things have been rather quiet around this space as of late, but it has not been, by any definition of the word, quiet around HERE lately.

Dh has deployed. I'm finally feeling better, even though I'm feeling a little run down this morning, and I've been REALLY busy being creative in the workshop I mentioned earlier in the month.  I canNOT say enough good things about it or its facilitator, Natasha of Thursday Sweet Treat!

I have become so inspired and gained so much confidence in my muses that I can't seemingly keep up with all of the inspiration that they're pouring into me.

Through the work that I've been doing, as well as conversations with Natasha, I was inspired to start a new blog.  Yes, I can hear a couple of groans there in the audience.  "Another blog????"  I know.  I know.  But, this one is different.  This one actually has a definitive purpose in my mind, and I'm working really pretty hard toward that end.

Hiccups In Time is my new blog.  It is currently a Military Spouse/Mommy blog, but, as I realized yesterday, it won't always be.

Our lives are comprised of hiccups in time.  Some more long lasting than others.

Today, I'm a military spouse and a mother.  I wasn't always those things, though, and while I'll be a mother ever more, I won't always be a military spouse, given that hubby only has three more years to go until retirement.  So, my life will change.  I'll go onto another "hiccup".

So, I would like to invite those who happen to read this blog to view and read Hiccups In Time, as well. It may be a fairly new space, but one with GREAT potential and aspirations.


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