Feb 25, 2010

Honoring the Ebbs

I have been learning quite a bit about myself this past week...

Over the weekend, I finally received a few books that I ordered: "Personal Power through Awareness" by Sanaya Roman, "Dancers Between Realms: Empath Energy, Beyond Empathy" by Elisabeth Y. Fitzhugh, and "Spiritual Growth: Being Your Higher Self" by Sanaya Roman. I've been bouncing between two of them this week. "Personal Power" and "Dancers". Through those as well as other readings I've been engaging in, I've come to realize that we all experience ebbs and flows of energy. There are days when we're so filled with energy that we're ready to take on the world. Then, there are others when we want nothing more than to roll over and go back to sleep for the remainder of the day. With the exception of Monday, I have been experiencing several days worth of the latter.

Monday was a great day! I got a great deal done and had quite a bit of fun. I was just energized and thrilled to have that day to experience. Tuesday and every day through today has been a stark contrast to that.

I've noticed, however, that while I will slow down and acknowledge this ebb in energy, I am still trying to slough it off. I'm still trying to force my way through it. It was when I came to this realization today, though, that I made a conscious decision to honor this within me.

Our bodies know what we need at any given time. They will try to tell us, and in the event that we don't listen, they will find new and greater ways of getting their point across. Often this will culminate in what a dear friend of my referred to as a "clue by four". It will strike suddenly and with all of the bluntness of a 2X4 to the head.

Next time turmoil strikes in your own life, take a moment to look at the events that led up to it. Did your body, or even the Universe, issue warnings prior that you failed to heed? It has amazed even me how often this has been the case in my own life...

But, I have learned my lesson, and in the midst of this current lesson, I'm learning too. My energy is ebbing for a reason. My body/spirit/being is saying it needs a break, and I've accumulated enough wisdom over the years (in light of the many 'clues by four' I have experienced) to know that this is a request that need be honored. It's the least I can do, I suppose.

And with that said... I'm off for a nap, and to recharge my being.


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